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How to Remove Negative Google Reviews?

Customer reviews can have a huge impact on the success of a business, both big and small. 91% consumers check online reviews before visiting the place or making a purchase. Angry customers can destroy the reputation of your business in a matter of seconds. A fake review from shady competitors can rescind a business’s name too. As the owner of a business, it is your job to fend the name of your business and we will help you delete negative Google reviews that are harming your business appellation.

1. Removing Fake Reviews:

1 star and complaints posted online can be a setback for your business. However, you must first determine whether or not the review has been posted by an authentic customer or is it a fake one to remove Google review. Spammers, unhappy ex-employees and mean competitors are the ones that usually post such reviews. You must be able to spot a fake review. Look for these points:

  • The post doesn’t carry proper details, for instance, they haven’t named a specific employee or product because of who they are dissatisfied.
  • Several bad reviews are posted in a matter of two or three days.
  • The customer is not traceable in your sale software system.
  • The post carries a recommendation of a competitor.
  • The transaction doesn’t match the complaint made.

Fake reviews can be flagged on Google Maps, reported and removed.

  • Locate your business listing on Google Maps > Reviews > Identify false reviews > Click on more (3 vertical dots) beside the review > “Flag as Inappropriate”

If you have proof that the review is fake and has been left by a competitor then you can report to your local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau and request them for Google my business review removal to get rid of negative reviews.

Disputing a Google business review

Send an email: Google doesn’t easily remove a flagged complaint which is why to remove Google review which is negative, you need to take additional steps to ensure that the fake review is removed. Here is how you can dispute by sending an email.

  • Go to Google My Business profile > Click on Support in the navigation panel > Tap Need More Help > Click on Customer Reviews and Photos > Tap on Manage Customer Reviews > Click on Email Support – provide all the details including your contact details, should Google try to get in touch with you.

Tweet Google: You can send a tweet to @GoogleSmallBiz and explain Google how the fake and negative review is impacting your business and ask them to help you remove negative Google review.

File a Legal Case: Fill out a form and legally request Google to remove the fake review.

2. Remove Deleted Reviews from Google Search:

Even if a Google review is deleted it tends to come up in your search results. You must remove outdated content to get Google review removed.

Paste the URL of the negative review that has been removed and paste it here. This will work only if the review has actually been deleted or removed.

3. Request the Customers to Remove the Negative Reviews:

When people lose money or trust in something that they have been relying for a long time then they tend to lash out. Being humble, kind and remedial is the only way to handle a true negative complaint. Here is what you should do to handle such reviews:

  • If you have the contact details of the customer then speak to them directly. This is better than replying to them on their post.
  • Apologise and use the right tone. Getting defensive and making excuses will only worsen the situation. Be professional and own up the mistake that has happened.
  • If the complaint is valid, offer to fix it. If the quality of food had been compromised then offer free meal, if there is a product that was delivered faulty then change it etc. Make promises that will be executed, faulty promises will only cause more problems for you.
  • Although a business can file for online defamation in certain cases but you must make sure that you are right and you have the proof for your defense. It is not a good idea to threaten your customers for a lawsuit when the situation can be handled on a more positive note.

4. Bury the Negative Reviews:

At times the negative reviews cannot be deleted which leaves you the option to bury them in the Google search results so the customers cannot see them.

  • Keep your social media profiles updated with fresh content.
  • Ask the happy customers to post positive reviews for your business.
  • Use reputation management to bury negative reviews.

Use these tips to delete negative Google reviews from your business.

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  • What are Google reviews?:

    Google Reviews is one of the utmost momentous digital marketing strategies that one must apply. Numerous corporations still are in the belief that they can just brush off the online assessments and contemplate that as the reviews do not matter, they will dwindle away soon. Our Company provides you the platform where every bad review can be brushed off and a good status can be created.

    Why Google reviews are important?:

    Google Reviews is everything for a business. Now creating good name for a company and its products has become easier with the help of Google Reviews. Though this can sound exciting, if this method is not used in the right way then the reputation can also fall drastically. Google Reviews Management is a procedure that incorporates sculpting the acumen of the public about a product or service, by influencing the online details about that good or service. In simpler words, it is fundamentally handling the status of the business.

    What Can You Do To Get Remove Negative Google Review?

    The first steps the business owner should take for how to remove negative Google review is to respond to the reviewer who left the review. At the very least, you can mitigate the damage as other potential customers will get to see your side of the story and learn a bit about your customer relations skills. We have provided help you clean up your online reputation by pushing down permanently all types of negative Google search results including , bas press, articles, blogs ,reviews, court, police and arrest records, bankruptcy records ,images, videos. When your business is online dependent, and you have customers online driven, you have to pay attention towards your reputation in the digital world. It is high time you maintain your good reputation online. And if you receive bad reviews, you should know remove negative Google review.

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    Numerous possessors of business have been scared away by the customers who leave adverse online reviews. This has spoiled their belief of the importance of online reviews. If the customers are facing with any sort of online reputation problem, then you can consult our experts and get the glitch fixed with ease.

    Bad reviews is nightmare for any business man you put your time, blood and sweat into the company you built from scratch and one Negative review on Google can drive your business Reputation and customers away from your site or product. After all, a negative review on Google can blemish your online reputation, Not only that, but positive reviews are part of Google’s search algorithm, so if you want to Remove bad Google Reviews please feel lite to contact us. We provide help to remove bad reviews. However, if you are the owner of the business that has received a bad review, there are different ways you can go about getting the removed review.

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